Lab 02. USGS Topographic Maps

1. What is the name of the quadrangle?

Beverly Hills.

2. What are the names of the adjacent quadrangles?

Canoga Park, Van Nuys, Burbank, Topanga, Hollywood, Venice, and Inglewood.

3. When was the quadrangle first created?

“Topography compiled 1966.”

4. What datum was used to create you map?

North American Datum of 1927 and 1983.

5. What is the scale of the map?


6. At the above scale:

(a) 5 centimeters on the map is equivalent to 1,200 m on the ground;

(b) 5 inches on the map is equivalent to 1.89 miles on the ground;

(c) one mile on the ground is equivalent to 2.64 in on the map;

(d) and 3 kilometers on the ground is equivalent to 12.5 cm on the map.

7. What is the contour interval of your map?

20 ft.

8a. The coordinates (lat/long, decimal) of the following locations approximated from the map are:

(a) UCLA’s Public Affairs Building:  34°04’10”N, 118°25’30”W; 34.069N, 118.425W;

(b) the tip of the Santa Monica Pier: 34°00’30”N, 118°30’W; 34.000N, 118.500W;

(c) and the Upper Franklin Canyon Reservoir: 34°07’00”N, 118°24’30”W; 34.117N, 118.408W.

8b. The coordinates of the following locations derived from Google Earth:

(a) UCLA’s Public Affairs Building:  34° 4’28.65″N, 118°26’21.55″W; 34.075N, 118.439W;

(b) the tip of the Santa Monica Pier: 34° 0’27.25″N, 118°29’58.95″W; 34.008N, 118.500W;

(c) and the Upper Franklin Canyon Reservoir: 34° 7’11.49″N, 118°24’36.12″W; 34.120N, 118.410W.

9. The approximate elevations (feet, meters) of the following are:

(a) Greystone Mansion (in Greystone Park): 580 ft, 180 m

(b) Woodlawn Cemetery: 40 ft, 12.19 m

(c) Crestwood Hills Park: 700 ft, 210 m.

10. What is the UTM zone of the map?

The map is in Zone 11.

11. What are the UTM coordinates for the lower left corner of your map?

3763000N, 362500E.

12. How many square meters are contained within each cell (square) of the UTM gridlines?

1,000,000 square meters.

13. Create an elevation profile using these measurements in Excel. Obtain elevation measurements, from west to east along the UTM northing 3771000, where the eastings of the UTM grid intersect the northing.  Figure out how to label the elevation values to the two measurements on campus. Insert your elevation profile as a graphic in your blog.


* Elevation at UCLA; **Axis labels are abbreviated and signify UTM easting coordinate 3( _ )000E.



14. What is the magnetic declination of the map?

The declination of the map is 14 degrees from true north.


15. In which direction does water flow in the intermittent stream between the 405 freeway and Stone Canyon Reservoir?

The water flows downhill, which in this case is south.


16. Crop out (i.e., cut and paste) UCLA from the map and include it as a graphic on your blog.


Cut from USGS 7.5 minute series topographic map of the Beverly Hills Quadrangle, California-Los Angeles Co.



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