Scene it before?

Where's That Scene

Hollywood's California - (accessed 09-29-10)

This map brings me back to the scene in Austin Powers where he says ironically, “You know, it’s amazing how the English countryside looks in no way like Southern California.” He was of course, playing at Hollywood’s habit of saving money and filming “on site” as close to L.A. as possible. England, according to this 1927 Paramount Pictures map, is sandwiched somewhere between South Africa and Kentucky.

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BART Service Map

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) - (accessed 09-29-10)

Moving from the S.F. Bay Area to Los Angeles for school left a lot to be missed. Certainly the loss of a reasonable public transit system topped my list. I know that every time I’m stuck in traffic on the 405 I pine for something as efficient as Bay Area Rapid Transit. This utilitarian service map, showing the relationship between stations, is complex enough for riders to plan their trip, but simple enough so that a brief glance can be enough to gain meaning. The actual paths of the rails are not represented, nor is surrounding topography. This abstract map displays only enough relevant information for the passenger to answer, what train to I board to get from Rockridge to the Embarcadero?

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The world at night

Earth At Night

The World At Night - (accessed 09-29-10)

This is a composite image of the world at night. The white areas are actual lights as seen from space. This feature of the map has some interesting implications. First, one can immediately tell where humans (or at least humans with electricity) are located. In Antarctica for example, there are negligible populations of humans, thus the continent is dark. Second, one can also infer which countries and continents have more developed infrastructures by the intensity and layout of lights. For example, Africa is on the whole much darker than Western Europe, indicating a less-developed infrastructure.

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Hello world!

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